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Our shop is a small shop that sell many variety of rain lily bulbs.
We are aim to sell only the rain lily varieties that are easy to grown and easy to flowering.
Surely we selecte the good quality flowering size bulbs for selling only too.
You can visit our shop to view how nice and beautiful rain lilies are.

I ve begun to collect rain lily plants since 2013. My first rain lily in my house is Z. Bright eye and Z. Java.
After one year I realized that I have already fall in love with all of them.
At that time I planted my rain lily bulbs mainly in pots. Could not imagine my house was surrounded by over 100 rain lily pot plants.

Over 8 years I am still keeping & collecting more and more of rain lily plant bulbs as my favorite hobby.
Surely I crossing my rain lily plants 1-2 times a year when I am not busy so much.
Of caurse you can see some of my new hybrid in this on-line shop too. For me rain lily is one of that happiness and always on my mind.

Gun S. (Shop owner)

Payment Method &
      World Wide Delivery

We accept credits card and other form of payment via Paypal & Ship to World wide

  • Shipping method in stock items will be shipped with in 1-3 days
  • There is no shipping on a regular holidays base on Thailand
  • Free registered parcel services by Thailand Post
  • Tracking numbers can be checked at

Tax Law & Regulation

  • A customer is considered as the importer by law of his/her country. We are not responsible for custom duty or import tax and fees
  • All plant items are non of Phytosanitary certificate.

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Email Address: [email protected]
Facebook Page : Rainlily BKK

Usually answer back within 24 hours

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